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Green Side Bunkers

Arguably one of the hardest shots in golf, but also one of the most satisfying when we execute it properly! Most people go straight for the SW, but don't be afraid to experiment with a LW too. Your wedges will have a degree of bounce, this helps the club slide through the sand instead of digging into it. Please see picture to illustrate on the right hand side, or contact me for more details. 

Like the Pitch shot, we can achieve 3 different distances by using the clock analogy in the picture to the right hand side. For example:

When swinging the club back, having your left arm in the 9 o'clock position, this will be the shortest distance, left arm in the 10 o'clock position will be the middle distance and finally having the left arm in the 11 o'clock position will give you the furthest distance.

Again, like the Pitch shot, the distances you achieve will depend on the individual, so don't worry if your distances differ to your playing partner. Your distances will also differ depending on the club you are using, for example, your LW will go a shorter distance compared to a GW.


Hit 9 balls from a green side bunker and using the 9, 10 and 11 o'clock method, note the distances between each swing length. If you find the ball travelling too short or too far, switch club and repeat the process. If you find it difficult to judge the distance, click the book lesson now button on the right hand side so that I can help!

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