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Lingfield Park

We met around 12pm for a bite to eat and decide on the draw before preparing ourselves for the brutal weather that lied ahead. Round 1 was a 4 Ball Better Ball Stableford competition, where 2 players form a pair and write the best Stableford score on the card. The pair with the highest amount of points, wins. 

Ted Langer and Amanda Langer had an impressive 40 points for round 1 which put them in the lead heading into round 2. After a nice evening meal, a drink or 2 (for some) and good night sleep we met for breakfast to decide on the order of play for round 2. 

Round 2 was Hidden Pairs. Players would play there normal game of Stableford then pick anothers score at the end to add to their score. This would then be added to their score from round 1 to form a total and decide on a winner.

Congratulations to Amanda Langer for winning the overall and to John Withey for coming second. Another Congratulations to Una Amico and Clare Eldridge for winning the Nearest To Pins.

Another successful trip, looking forward to my next one!

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