In my opinion this is one of the key aspects of the game, as you need to be a good putter to eventually putt the ball into the hole.

A recent study with the members at Nazeing Golf Club found that:

83% of putts from 3 feet were holed successfully, but...

only 47% of from 6 feet were holed first time.

This confirms that putting is a key aspect to our game as we don't always get ball inside 3 feet when approaching the green.


This is also a reason to why I teach beginner golfers, this part of the game first.

What is important within putting?

For me, speed is most important within your putting stroke, because even if we miss a putt to the left or right, with the correct speed we will only have 'tap in' to finish off. 


Set up consistently at address in order to return the club face back to straight

Pace is determined by the length of putt needed

Even swing back and forth 

Ensure the ball is aligned in the middle of the putter

Deliver a smooth repetitive stroke

Use the ladder drill on the right hand side to practice your speed. Start from the first tee and work your way back to the last tee by putting the ball in first time on each tee peg... Good Luck!