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This shot is used when there may be an obstacle in the way of the target, or the surface in front of the ball may deflect it into a different direction, making it difficult to putt. The swing is a slight extension of the putting stroke and we can use various clubs which will give us various shots to play. When playing the chip shot, you should aim to get the ball on the green as soon as possible. 

When selecting your club choice, there are a few thing to consider:

- How is the ball sitting? Nice lie or sitting down?

- Where is the pin? Close or far away?

- How much green between the fringe and pin?


Bare in mind that when using a 7i there will be around 20% of flight time and 80% ground time, when using a LW there will be around 80% flight time and 20% ground time. 



Pick a spot around the putting green and chip 3 balls with a LW to see how far the ball travels, then your GW, 9i etc. Providing your swing is the same length and same tempo, you should see a slight increase in distance when using a less lofted club.


Therefore, when playing a chip shot with little green to land the ball as the pin is close, use your LW. If you have a lot of green to work with, meaning the pin is at a further distance away, you may need to use a 7i.

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