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La Manga, Spain

After the previous trip we had in 2016, we thought it would be great to revisit to La Manga in Spain. It was a great to return to a place we were familiar with as it meant we could visit more local restaurants and bars, as well as playing 3 great golf courses in the sun during February.

Our first day consisted of a round on the West Course, which is the most challenging of the 3 and an early dinner to make sure we made the most of the night time.

Similar to my other trips abroad, we had a coaching day so that I could look at all aspects of everyone's game. We started on the putting green to prepare ourselves for the undulations and speed of the greens then moved onto the short game area, where we focused on long and short chip shots. Before we left the short game area, we had some time in bunker to discuss the different type of sand we'll encounter. 

We stopped for a quick lunch before heading over to the range to work on our long game. Once on the driving range we all hit some balls and I gave advise on what everyone needs to work on through the remainder of our trip. We concluded with a quick SkyTrak session for everyone to see the distances some of their clubs go.

The remaining days were filled with rounds of golf on the North and South courses, then a cheeky round on the way back to the airport at El Valle. Each score from every round contributed to having an overall winner, a par 3 winner and 2 nearest the pins each round.

Check out my video for a little glimpse...

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